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Today’s tri-color RGB LED strip lights and RBG LED Lamps are capable of displaying all three primary colors (Red, Green, Blue) independently. When these three colors are mixed, an RGB LED strip light or RGB lamp can display any color of the rainbow. Given this powerful and creative ability, a reliable control device is required to take full advantage of this capability – this is what an RGB LED Controller is designed to do. RGB Controllers have become essential to any RGB LED lighting application. The controller allows you to take complete control of your LED lighting project. RGB LED Controllers come with individual wireless remote controls for ease of use and controllers can feature DMX or DALI outputs as well as RGB.

rgb led controller

The RGB LED Controller allows you to choose between many different solid colors, or solid white, as well controlling flashing, strobing, On/Off, and speed and brightness adjustments - all from the wireless remote. RGB LED Controllers require a low voltage 12VDC power input and have a 4-wire or 4 contact output for connecting to RGB LED strip lights or RGB LED lamps.

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